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Life is a series of Circles and cycles, phases, and stages. These are the experiences that teach you the lessons of life. You can either ignore them or EMBRACE them. It's Your Life with James Cooley, a motivational speaker here to equip you to strive for greatness and overcome adversity.

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About James Cooley

Married to Michelle D. Freeman, A Father of 4 (James III, De Angelo, Brittany, and Joshua) A Devoted Christian whose mission is to MAKE SURE WE Equipped Our Today’s Youth with the skill sets to be our Leaders of Tomorrow.

An Extremely Requested Motivational Speaker who speaks at Over 200 engagements annually. President/CEO JC Cooley Innovation Solutions, LLC, CEO/Founder JC Cooley Options & Opportunities / the Choice Program, (JC COOLEY FOUNDATION).

Certified Naval JROTC Senior Military Science Instructor Certified at the Collegiate and High School Levels Doctoral Student at Concordia University (E.D.D. Transformational Leadership) Graduated From Central Michigan University, Masters Public Administration (MPA Graduated From University of Notre Dame, Masters Certificate Executive Leadership and Management Graduated From Villanova University with several Masters Certificates in Six Sigma (Black Belt Certified), Lean Enterprise Solutions, Applied Project Management, Masters in IS/IT Project Management, Masters in Information Security Management – GOVERNMENT, Masters in Information Systems Security, and Masters in Organizational Leadership Active Member of Temecula Rotary Club since 2015.

Retired Navy Officer, Community Activist, Dedicated Speaker, Husband, and Father.

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