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Sovereign Radio is exposing the truth you won’t hear in the Main Stream Media.  From Deep State Politics to Human Trafficking & Pedophilia, Election Fraud to the Corrupt Fiat Central Banking System, we go deep with expert guests and no hold bar discussion,  designed to make the listener think critically and do their own research.

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Scotty Saks is a 40-year veteran of Main Stream Media.  He has served in almost every capacity in the Television & Radio Industry, Including the Production & Syndication of TV & Radio Programs (i.e.  Johnny Cash American Folklore, James Brown Live at Chastain Park, Blue Angels Air Show,  Sports Radio Nightly et. al).  He became aware of the true evil behind Main Stream Media, Hollywood and the Music Industry in the 90’s when June Carter Cash & Johnny Cash exposed the Luciferian cult exposing the Satanic Controllers of the entire system. 


Scotty is most accomplished in the area of Advertising & Sponsorship Negotiations having negotiated a Billion Dollars of Media Deals with all Major TV & Radio Networks, OTT, and Digital Media.  Encouraged by a 50-year Radio Executive to turn on a microphone and do a Radio show, Scotty began broadcasting Sovereign Radio on KYYW AM 1170 & KYYW FM 94.7 at the beginning of the Pandemic in 2020.  He is proud to join Salem Radio on KCBQ, in his hometown of San Diego.   Scotty grew up in Chicago , IL and has been in San Diego since 2004, where he lives his daughter (The light of his life).

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