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Let Them Breathe led the movement to protect students’ educational rights during the pandemic and they’re continuing to pave the way for freedom, families’ rights, and better approaches to education. Are you awake? Are you breathing freely? That’s your birthright as an American and our children’s hope for the future. Let Them Breathe’s  founder Sharon McKeeman delves into the most crucial issues of this pivotal time and dialogues with diverse voices of leaders, community members, parents, and students. 

The Let Them Breathe movement was born in California and has a rapidly growing nationwide community. Contact [email protected] to connect with your local liaison. Thank you to our show sponsors at PublicSq.

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About Sharon McKeeman

Are you prepared to navigate what lies ahead?

Sailors tell each other to HOLD FAST - grab onto something solid to prevent being swept overboard. Their captain must Stay True to the compass to not be blown off course, but what should that course even be?

Sharon McKeeman, founder of Let Them Breathe, author, and activist hosts HOLD FAST Stay True. Hear from leaders who are staying true in creative ways and explore how you can hold fast in every area of your life.

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