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The Buildsters is a tightknit crew of the most talented, committed pros around, helping homeowners overcome the challenges of construction, real estate and more. Visionaries. Veterans. Entrepreneurs. Contractors. Suppliers. Agents. In each episode, we’ll cover the do’s and don’ts of home improvement, the best ways to inject value into your home, how to navigate the world of contracting and more. You’ll hear about past experiences, benefit from hard-earned wisdom and get the insider tips and tricks you need to build on.

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About John Cefalu

John Cefalu is the CEO of JJ’s Landscaping. He has worked in the construction industry all over the country in all aspects of home remodeling by working with contractors in dozens of industries. Him and his partner Derek have quickly grown their company to over $2M in revenue in just over a year, and he has a diverse knowledge of not only how to remodel a home, but also how to focus on what aspects of your home are going to actually create long-term value.

About Derek Clelan

Derek Clelan is the COO of JJ’s Landscaping. He has worked with real estate professionals all over Nevada and California helping consult in finding the right properties to invest in and how to invest properly. Him and John have quickly grown their company to over $2M in revenue in just over a year. Growing up in a family of carpenters, he understands the ins and outs to what quality craftsmanship looks like, and how to take advantage of design-oriented upgrades that add value without breaking the bank.

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