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David Ross



David Ross has been with Walter Andersen Nursery since coming over from Nurseryland in 1989 as a customer service representative. Working at the Point Loma store opened up a whole new world to David with its wide variety of plants not found at other nurseries around town. It was this variety that got him interested in the Platycerium or Staghorn family of plants, ferns, begonias, gardenias and especially new varieties of fruit trees. Raised in East County on the shoulders of Mt Helix, David developed a passion for growing fruit trees from his father who planted dozens on the property along with the existing Avocado trees.

When he bought his own house further out in east county, he planted more than 100 fruit trees giving him fresh fruit all year long. David was also the KNSD Gardener during the weekend news offering plant tips and advice for more than 10 years beginning in 1994 and part of the Garden Talk radio team for many years as well. After more than 31 years with Walter Andersen Nursery, David has figured out how to keep almost every plant alive, except for those he forgets to water!


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