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Staci Wallace

Staci sits down with notable business leaders to discuss their secret sauce marketing strategies and how they turned adversity into epic comeback stories that empowered them to build a life and business they love. 

“When you have a setback, don’t take a step back, but get ready for your comeback.”

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Staci Wallace has been inspiring audiences and challenging mindsets for over three decades as an engaging thought leader, keynote speaker, and change agent. She has spent over 30 years building start-up businesses into hundreds of millions and sales teams into the hundreds of thousands. She is an author of 8 books and serves as the Executive Vice President of Strategy and Marketing for Voxox, an innovative telecom leader that offers phone and text marketing solutions throughout the world.

Staci has shared the stage with 5 U.S Presidents, renowned athletes, and other world leaders. Her whit, humor, and candid insight give her a direct voice into helping help small business owners and entrepreneurs build a life and business they love while creating social change that inspires lasting transformation.

 She is the Founder and Executive Director of (EMpowering Women), a non-profit organization that rescues women and girls from some of today’s most difficult life circumstances. 

On a personal note....If you want to find Staci, look for her on the blue parts of the map as she is an avid fisherman and calls her heaven on earth, fishing and glamping with her husband, two kids, and dogs, in their RV named "Jubilee".  For booking information, text “Staci” to 1-800-355-2088


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