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New York City coronavirus survey results "shocking" to Governor Cuomo

During his daily new press conference, Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke out about his reaction to new survey data that suggests that many new COVID-19 hospital patients in New York were staying at home.

The data suggested that a majority of new hospitalizations in the state were coming from people who were remaining at home during the pandemic.

The data, which came from a recent three-day survey, noted where new COVID-19 hospital patients were coming from. According to the data, 18% of new hospitalizations were coming from nursing homes while a whopping 66% were coming from people who said they were remaining at home during the pandemic.

"This is a surprise. Overwhelmingly, people were at home...66% of the people were at home, which is shocking to us," Cuomo said. The data also shows that many of these people weren't taking public transportation either. The Governor noted that he thought that many of the new hospitalizations would be coming from people who were using public transit or getting out more.

Admittedly, the survey data was limited to a three-day period but the numbers suggest that people are still getting the virus despite staying home and limiting their exposure to the outside world.

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