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Hero's Talk Radio

Dave and Laurent Arnez

HERO’S Talk Radio with hosts Dave and Laurett Arenz is presented by the Freedom Financial Radio Network. Through their Triple Crown Solution, Dave and Laurett coach clients to achieve financial independence by presenting options that provide safety, liquidity, and a great rate of return for tax-free account accumulation and distribution.

As founders of HERO’S Strategies, Inc. and successful financial strategists, investors, and business owners for over 30 years, Dave and Laurett have trained hundreds of Strategic Wealth Coaches throughout the country to provide the Triple Crown Solution in their individual markets. Laurett’s heart for serving others and Dave’s “tell it like it is” style provides for a perfect recipe to unveil the secrets of the wealthy by teaching new school answers to old school questions on how to achieve financial independence.

If you’re interested in sound financial advice, please contact Bill Roth at W.L. Roth & Associates, specializing in IRA, 401(k) conversion, Revocable Trust Planning and how to build a tax-free nest egg for retirement without risk.

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